Do you like to post images on your website, but wish it was easier to share them?  This plugin was created so you and your visitors could share your images from the NextGen Gallery for WordPress.

My name is Joanne Masterson, and I create websites through my web services company. My idea for Share My Gallery came from my love of 2 things: creating images, and displaying them with the wonderful gallery plugin, NextGen Gallery, originally created by Alex Rabe.

Give Your Visitors Sharing Tools for Your Images – with automatic Links Back to YOU

This plugin works by giving you the option to install sharing tools on your gallery images. You can post to:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Twitter

Why isn’t this plugin offered for free under the GPLv2 license?

ShareMyGallery uses some files published under the GPLv2 (GNU General Public license).  But  part of ShareMyGallery is commercially developed.  That is because I paid a professional developer to create some of the code, and therefore ShareMyGallery plugin is offered for sale.  The part developed commercially is protected by a version of Crowd Favorite’s Commercial-to-GPL License. You get this version of the license when you purchase and install the plugin.  The original Crowd Favorite CF Commercial-to-GPL  license is here.

Yes, it depends on NextGen Gallery and WordPress, both of which are free under the GPLv2 license.  All of those files – including those adapted for this plugin — are still GPLv2.



NEW: Support for Single Pic Sharing

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