ShareMyGallery to Transfer Ownership for Re-development

ShareMyGallery is an add-on to Photocrati’s NextGen Gallery, a portfolio tool for WordPress. It has enjoyed steady sales since first launched approximately 17 months ago. ShareMyGallery allows 1-click sharing of image links to popular social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google

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ShareMyGallery adds iPhone, Email support

I’m happy to announce two new improvements to ShareMyGallery. Version 2.3 adds 2 new capabilities Mobile device support for¬†Facebook sharing – share NextGen images to Facebook using your iPhone. Email sharing – send ¬†an image as an attachment and link

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Serious about your pictures? Check out Fundamentals of Digital Photography with John Greengo on CreativeLive

Thanks to a hot tip on Before & After’s new forum for designers (The Grid), I recently discovered Adobe’s Creative Live series of broadcast creative workshops. The 3 workshops I’ve watched so far have been so helpful and informative I

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Share NextGen Single Pic views, albums, and templates, more reliably

You wanted to share single images with Single Pic view. You wanted to use a variety of (beautiful!) custom themes, and still have full sharing functionality. You wanted to share images using NextGen Gallery templates. And now you can have

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Using Pinterest to Build Your Business

Use Pinterest Images to Market Your Business

Sharing your images on Pinterest? Seeing more activity or sales? If not, the pros at Search Engine People have some important free tips for you. The infographic I got from them today explains these opportunities to connect with your market

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ShareMyGallery Upgraded for WordPress 3.4.1 and newer

New window control option in ShareMyGallery

Two new features are coming to you with the first update to ShareMyGallery. Thanks for all the great feedback on the plugin – and for sharing your technical issues and compliments too. Many of you have said you wanted an

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Alaska Adventure 2012: Sharing Stephen Lefkovits’s Gallery

A few gems from Sephen Lefkovits's Alaska 2012 Gallery

Stephen Lefkovits, the artist behind Pacific Landscapes has an eye for beautiful wildlife and majestic man-made structures. This Labor Day 2012, I enjoyed his photography galleries and I hope you’ll join me in visiting Pacific Landscapes. Lefkovits has a unique

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NEW: Support for Single Pic Sharing

Hover to see sharing icons -